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About Us

Spot200 developed over the years from a handful of connected media firms into an all inclusive online media platform. We continue to expand our reach across the globe to a large variety of audiences. In addition, we utilize cutting edge technology to deliver the best results and the most up–to-date reporting for our clients. Our experienced, media directors continually seek advancements in traditional marketing methods as well as innovative “outside the box” advertising opportunities for our clients.

Our network:

Spot200 enjoys a rapidly growing presence in 200 countries across 40 verticals. We have a heavy presence in Social Media represented by our flagship international social network, PerfSpot.com, as well as a strong US audience across a large conglomeration of News and Job Search/Career sites.

Our in-house sales staff dedicates their efforts to match our advertisers with the publishers that yield unsurpassed results for their campaigns, allowing both entities to optimize their performance for maximum benefit.

Site Representation:

It is our goal as a company to become more than just another ad network, serving low paying ads merely to fill remnant inventory. When we partner with your site we not only give you full control over the ads we place, but also employ an in-house sales staff to personally introduce your site to advertisers and agencies. We become your extended sales force, focused on providing you with ads that match your site content and make sense for your audience. It is our goal to build a relationship with each client, not just earn a campaign.

Our Commitment:

We pride ourselves on being the one SPOT for all your marketing needs. We utilize the industry’s top technology and employ a staff of experts. Moreover, our size as a company enables us to pay great attention to our clients to ensure that your campaigns are never under-managed or treated as unimportant. When you work with us it’s on a personal level with account managers you know by name, not some system that opens automated tickets to address your questions with vague answers. Let us help your business grow.

Spot200 is here to be your partner in success!

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